24/7 Emergency Road Service

ERS for Commercial Trucks, Trailers, RVs and Motorhomes

We do not do ERS for cars & light trucks.

On-Site Emergency Service Area

We specialize in 24 hour Emergency Road Service (ERS). For over 15 years, we have kept the trucking industry moving in Southwest Florida. Our roadside assistance service puts vehicles back on the road and moving toward their destination. Learn more about our 24 hour service, or call us at 941-755-8831 if you need our fully stocked emergency repair truck dispatched ASAP! Our services keep trucks running everyday.

Our DOT certified mechanics are trained to put vehicles back on the road ASAP, usually in 2-4 hours.

We have 3 service trucks dedicated to our Southwest Florida operations. In most cases we can be on-site within an hour – primarily depending on the distance to the breakdown.

Our trucks are stocked with thousands of dollars in parts, such as batteries, alternators, hoses, fuel pumps, brake parts etc. We bring the supplies to your vehicle and repair it as quickly as possible.

These typical breakdown repairs are handled roadside:

  • Jump starts and out of fuel
  • Complete air brake service
  • Air hoses and hydraulic hoses
  • Battery cables made to order on-site
  • Complete trailer service on doors, hardware and lighting
  • Charging systems, batteries and alternators
  • Mobile welding
  • Diagnostics with laptop
  • We can perform Regens

We can do large repairs, turbo, engine work and transmission work, front and rear end in our repair shop in Bradenton, FL.

RV and Motor Home Service
and Repair at Your Location

Do not worry, your RV and Motor Home vehicles are under our expert care too. We can handle break downs, tire changes, body work, shock replacement and more. We come to your location.

Truck and Boat Trailer
Emergency Roadside Service

From a small utility trailer to a tractor trailer, we can align axles and keep brakes moving smoothly. Boat trailers often need axle and hub replacements from the corrosive salt, we can also replace the springs, brakes and wiring (lights).

Commercial Trucks
Major Service & Repairs

Some things cannot be fixed on the side of the road. When you have a serious problem that requires a major repair we can work on it at our shop. We also offer full service, lube oil and filters daily.
Commercial truck, trailer, RV or motorhome broken down?
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24 Hour Dispatch
Certified Trained Mechanics

Servicing Tropicana Daily
Authorized to work on
Port Manatee and Port of Tampa.

24/7 Emergency Road Service
(941) 755-8831

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24 Hour Emergency Roadside Service
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