RAC Delivery Van Body Work

This RAC delivery van came to us with body damage to the passenger side of the box. We removed the side wall and corner caps and rebuilt the interior framing. Once we had the box... Read more

Premier Transportation Trailer Repair

This Premier Transportation trailer was recently involved in an accident. We picked up the unit from the local Bealls distribution center and brought it to our facility for repair. After we cut off the damaged... Read more

Jeep Body Work

Jeep body work repair. This customer was towing their Jeep behind their motorhome.  Unfortunately it blew a tire and the driver did not notice for some time.  The damage was to the passenger side fender... Read more

Oakley Landing Gear

Oakley landing gear repair. Some damaged landing gear resulted in a night time service call to cut off the legs.  The trailer was taken back to the customer’s location for repair. We do keep landing... Read more

Amerigas Bodywork

Check out the images below to see the repair. This local Palmetto company called us to repair their propane tanker that had been involved in a minor accident. The driver’s side front fender, light and... Read more

Judy and the Turbo Repair

Judy is a 55 year old Indian elephant who recently was in the St. Patricks day parade on Anna Maria Island, Florida. After the parade they were loaded up and ready to return to their... Read more

Tire Regrooving

Read more

Slider Box Replacement

WSE (Willie Shaw Express) recently had a trailer that had a bent slider box. While most companies would shy away from this job, On-Site Truck Repair replaced the box. We had the trailer brought to... Read more

RV Motorhome Body Work

Feld Entertainment of Palmetto recently contracted us to repair one of their 5th wheel motorhomes. The rear of the unit had body work damage as seen in the pictures. There was also some side damage... Read more

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